tirsdag 26. februar 2013


How to enable Universal Repeater in AIP-W525H

1.   Use Ethernet cable to connect AIP-W525H’s LAN port and your PC then   power it up via supplied power adapter.

2.   Open your Internet Explorer and type to enter web configuration page for AIP-W525H

3.  Click on Operation Mode and select Bridge Mode. Press Apply Change button and reboot your AIP-W525H to take changes effective.

4.  Go to Wireless -> Basic Setting and make sure Channel Width & Channel Number are matched with your source AP. Don’t forgets to check Enable Universal Repeater Mode and enter SSID of your source AP at end of this configuration page.
5.   Go to Wireless -> Security Setting use drop down menu to select your source AP and enter the password if authentication is presented.
6.      Go to TCP/IP Setting -> LAN Interface to disable DHCP service
7.      Status page on AIP-W525H shows connecting to source AP after rebooting

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