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The positives of dedicated offshore outsourcing other than cost saving
“The only good thing about Outsourcing is cost savings”- might be the answer you get when asking the question – “What are the positives of outsourcing?”- to most of the small to medium companies. That comes from the outcome of those companies’ experience with traditional offshore outsourcing services. It has blotted all innumerable advantages of [...]
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A Huge Makeover Is Awaiting Offshore Outsourcing in 2013 – IT Outsourcing Trends in 2013
Experts predict that outsourcing will wake up strong from the downturn it took in 2012.  If their forecast is correct, 2013 will sweep this temporary slump off and bring more growth and progress in global outsourcing sector. As outsourcing contracts worth more than $50 billion are about to be renewed this year, offshore outsourcing sector [...]
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Great IT Hiring Tips to Take in the Best Talent to Your Team
The success of every venture lies in the quality of the team putting it up. It is true in case of Offshore IT development too. So it must be given supreme priority over all other factors including cost while approaching an offshore vendor for setting up your office in a remote location. If you can’t [...]
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Will bringing offshore jobs back to US be a long-term solution for reducing unemployment?
Even though Offshorent is in the process of transforming IT outsourcing arena, we would like to take a closer look at manufacturing offshoring. In developed countries, “People Cost” is one of the most expensive line items in any business budget. So leveraging the wage difference between countries seemed like an obvious solution to keep the [...]
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Predictions for 2013 – The Outsourcing Boom and Resultant Shift in Indian SMB Offshore Outsourcing
Indian outsourcing industry is all set to wake up from the hangover of the crisis it faced in 2012 and gearing up to make 2013 big. It is now eagerly looking at the predictions that an enormous amount of money will start flowing to the outsourcing industry in India as most companies over the world [...]
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Cloud Computing Is Not A Killer! Instead, It Gives a More Critical Role to IT Outsourcing

Cloud computingIs there any way to access IT services as easily as one can access electricity? Now, many have already started pointing at cloud computing as the answer. Cloud computing is defined as a utility model of computing capacity that will redefine the way the organizations function and deliver services for clients now. It also has certain definitive impacts on the outsourcing services. However, the opinions hailing it as a weapon to bring about the death of outsourcing are conveniently ignoring some significant facts.
These facts are examined in an article written together by Jack Sepple, Accenture’s global cloud computing lead, and Bhaskar Ghosh, global lead of Application Outsourcing for Accenture. Although cloud computing can make a few aspects of IT easier, they say that it creates a complex and multi-sourced system. That environment requires the integration of the various components to be dealt with more importance. So instead of keeping outsourcing services out of IT services and depending completely on Cloud will turn things more complicated than before. In fact, cloud computing provides the outsourcers and integrators more crucial roles and opens up new avenues.
To read the complete article, click the link: Outsourcing Will Assume a More Defined Role in the Cloud Era


Alfa WiFi USB Adapter on Windows 8

Windows 8 Compatible List

  WLAN AutoConfig Wireless LAN Utility
UBDo-g / UBDo-gt N/A
UBDo-n / UBDo-nt
Tube-U(G) N/A


1. Make sure you PC is connecting to Internet
2. Plug AWUS036H into USB port directly
3. Add Hardware Wizard will search & install driver for you automatically


(That's t take AWUS036H as example)
1. Plug in AWUS036H into Windows 8 and launch Device Manager
2. Expend your Network adapters section in Device Manager, click on Settings -> PC Info -> Device

3. Right click on AWUS036H (Realtek RTL8187 Wireless …. ) and select Update Driver Software ..
4. Press Browse button to locate driver for AWUS036H for Windows 7 where is located in CD as shown in following picture.

5. Driver is installed as shown in following picture


Establish Point to Point Connection

Apply Model: N2, N2C, N5, N5C, and AP121U

Hardware Setup

Setup Procedure -
Setup your FIRST UNIT as a WDS Access Point
AP Bridge Mode, WDS Access Point Mode, IP address
Open your browser and enter configuration IP address
Enter admin/admin for user name and password.
Now, it shows the status of your unit
Click on Advanced and select Operation Mode
Choose the AP Bridge from the drop down menu and press Apply button when finished.
Your unit will reboot and save your current settings.
After rebooting, your browser will show you the status of your unit in AP Bridge Mode as shown below.
Make sure your DHCP server is disabled.
Select Advanced >> Network Setting >> LAN
Enable WDS Access Point mode for your first unit.
Select the Advanced >> Wireless Settings >> Basic use drop down menu to select WDS Access Point from Wireless Mode and press Apply button when finished.


AP Bridge Mode, WDS Client Mode, IP address
Open your browser and enter configuration IP address and enter admin/admin for both user name & password when prompted.
Status page showing your 2nd unit in AP Router mode (default setting)
Select Advanced >> Operation Mode
Choose AP Bridge from the drop down menu and click Apply when finished.
Your unit will reboot and save your current settings.
After rebooting, your browser will show you the status of your unit in AP Bridge Mode as shown below.
Now, we need to change IP address for the unit to and make sure DHCP is disabled.
Select Advanced >> Network Settings >> LAN and change the IP address from to Lastly, press Apply button when finished.
Open your browser and enter configuration IP address and enter admin/admin for both user name & password when prompted.
Your browser will show you the status of your unit in AP Bridge Mode as shown below.
Enable WDS Client mode for your second unit.
Select the Advanced >> Wireless Settings >> Basic use drop down menu to select WDS Client from Wireless Mode and press Apply button when finished.

Press Scan button to find your target SSID that you setup for your 1st unit.
Select your target SSID from the list and press Apply when finished.

Verification -
My PC is connected to 2nd Atheros unit so able to ping both 1st and 2nd Atheros unit
Another PC is connecting to 1st Atheros unit and received IP address from the Router and able to ping Google and open www.yahoo.com web page


Install AWUS036NHA into your Linux Box

Credit: http://www.backtrack-linux.org/forums/showthread.php?t=47385 
1.    Download Linux driver from an open source vendor. For detail information, please visit  http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k_htc 
2.    tar -xvjf compat-wireless-2.6.39-1.tar.bz2
3.    cd compat-wireless-2.6.39-1

6.    patch -p1 < mac80211.compat08082009.wl_frag+ack_v1.patch
7.    patch -p1 < channel-negative-one-maxim.patch
Compile the driver for your AWUS036NHA => chose "atheros".
8.    ./scripts/driver-select atheros
Plug and AWUS036NHA into your Linux box
9.    make & make install

10.  modprobe ath9k_hw


R36 Recovery Guide

The following procedures will enable you to load R36 firmware back to the unit. Your PC requires TFTP server to upload R36 firmware.  (Please note that the commands to insert in the step-by-step procedures will be in blue colour font)

·         R36 x1
·         Console Board x1
·         Console Cable x1

GPIO Interface:

Before Start:
·          Configure your PC’s IP , for example :
·          Set terminal console with Baud rate 115200-8N-1
·          Copy firmware to tftp server, for example : R36-

Step 1: Issue hyper terminal application on your PC with 115200-8N-1.
Boot the R36. Your terminal console will display the following as shown below. Press 2 from the options provided in order for you to continue. 

Step 2:
a.       Warning! Erase Linux in Flash then burn new one. Are you sure?(Y/N)
ð  Y (enter)
b.      Input device IP ( ==:
ð (enter)
c.       Input server IP ( ==:
ð (enter)
d.      Input Linux Kernel filename (xxxxxxx) ==:
ð  R36- (enter)

Step 3:  It will reboot automatically after finish the upgrade procedure.
Everything is done.. Enjoy!!


WiFi Network for your RV / Motorhome

Tube-U + 9 dBi omni-directional antenna + Active Extension Cable + PVC pipe
Add 1.5” coupler to secure the Tube-U to a ten foot 1.5" PVC pipe.

This allows one of the plastic straps to secure the Tube-U to the PVC pipe. The active USB extension cable will go down the inside of PVC pipe allowing you to connect to your PC.

Note: It is recommended to use a waterproof tape around your antenna connector if the location has lots of rain. 


OpenWRT for N2 & N5


*  File list: openwrt-alfa-nx-jffs2-sysupgrade.bin
       (This is for upgrading from terminal console, and you can download it from  Alfa Network's download section )

* Console Cable Kit from Alfa Network. 
 Environment : windows XP with procomm( I already setup for Aviv)
            PC IP address :
            TFTP server

*   Steps summary:
-   PCBA/console board setup
-   Upgrade firmware from terminal console
-   Run the CTLPower utility

1.      Baudrate is 115200 8N1
PCBA & console board configuration

2.      Open the terminal console program, boot up N2 PCBA & press 2

3.      After N2 PCBA is reboot, press 2 when you see ‘choose the operation’
Are you sure?(Y/N) Y(enter)
Input device IP( ==: (enter)
Input server IP( ==: (enter)
// for my case, I set windows xp PC’s IP address as
Input image filename () ==: openwrt-alfa-nx-jffs2-sysupgrade.bin (Enter)

4.      Wait the process finished

5.      After the process finished, it will reboot again
 Next, switch the RJ45 cable to LAN port

6.       OK…everything is done.