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R36 Recovery Guide

The following procedures will enable you to load R36 firmware back to the unit. Your PC requires TFTP server to upload R36 firmware.  (Please note that the commands to insert in the step-by-step procedures will be in blue colour font)

·         R36 x1
·         Console Board x1
·         Console Cable x1

GPIO Interface:

Before Start:
·          Configure your PC’s IP , for example :
·          Set terminal console with Baud rate 115200-8N-1
·          Copy firmware to tftp server, for example : R36-

Step 1: Issue hyper terminal application on your PC with 115200-8N-1.
Boot the R36. Your terminal console will display the following as shown below. Press 2 from the options provided in order for you to continue. 

Step 2:
a.       Warning! Erase Linux in Flash then burn new one. Are you sure?(Y/N)
ð  Y (enter)
b.      Input device IP ( ==:
ð (enter)
c.       Input server IP ( ==:
ð (enter)
d.      Input Linux Kernel filename (xxxxxxx) ==:
ð  R36- (enter)

Step 3:  It will reboot automatically after finish the upgrade procedure.
Everything is done.. Enjoy!!

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