tirsdag 10. februar 2015

Alfa Network www.alfanetwork.no  AC1200R Ultra fast Dual band - high speed 1200Mbps Wide-Range Wi-Fi Router (AC1200R)
How to secure and install your router! 
First connect your network cable from the modem/vdsl router from LAN to AC1200R WAN port. 
Connect your router to your laptop either with network cable or wifi signals. <From LAN port> If you choose WIFI - connect to 11n AP 2.4G SSID as shown below.


First step - Log into your admin panel by typing
User name: Admin
Password: Admin

Second step - Press on wireless and then sub menu Basic Settings!

Then write your SSID ( Network name of choise) in the SSID box.

Then press APPLY Changes on the bottom! 

Then press Reboot later

Then you go the sub menu on the left side, and choose Security. 
- Choose WPA2 from the dropdown menu Encryption. 
- Pre Shared key is the password, choose a strong password with numbers and letters. 

Then press Apply changes before you choose Reboot Later again in the next picture. 

Go down to Management in the left menu to choose your admin panel passord. 
Choose password and confirm password, and then apply changes and reboot.

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